Preston's Nursery

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I was deprived of the pleasure of decorating Porter’s nursery since we moved into our house less than two months before he was born and were undergoing multiple larger scale house projects at the time (first world problems, I know). It felt like torture with him being my first baby. I wanted so badly for him to have the perfect room, but I just didn’t have the physical energy to pull it off AND unpack our house. Once I adjust to being a mom of two, I’ll take on curating Porter’s little boy room.
So of course I had so much fun decorating Preston’s nursery! Unfortunately for him, he got stuck with the smallest room in the house, which made me even more determined to make sure it was cute. Living in a small space is all the rage these days right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
I was originally inspired by a room I saw in a Restoration Hardware Baby & Child catalog (below), which gave me the idea to go with a nautical theme. I didn’t want your typical nautical colors (red, white and blue), so it was nice to see nautical decor with more muted tones.
My version of this room evolved as I started putting it together. I wasn’t trying to replicate this room — it was just my inspiration. The first major purchase was the rope pendant light and from there, things just slowly came together. I included sources below for anyone that’s curious about where I purchased what! So excited for baby Preston to be hanging out in his room instead of inside my belly haha. ๐Ÿ™‚
Scroll down for sources.
Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Gray Owl in Matte Finish
Rope Orb Pendant Light – RH Baby & Child
Antique Spindle Crib – RH Baby & Child
Wood Plank Nautical Art (on either side of window) – RH Baby & Child
Mini Mariner’s Table Lamp (next to chair) – RH Baby & Child
Anchor Print Crib Fitted Sheet – RH Baby & Child
Crib Bumper – RH Baby & Child
Chambray Whale Mobile – RH Baby & Child
Nautical Wheel (above crib) – Hobby Lobby
Circle Mariner’s Mirror – Hobby Lobby
Floating Shelves – Old shelving I’ve had sitting for years
Rack containing books – “Spice Rack” from Ikea painted white
Yachting Magazine from 1943 -Antique Store
Sail Boat decoration (on shelf) – used as decor at my Sprinkle
“AHOY” banner – Etsy
“My Little Boy” print – Alice and Ivory (follow @aliceandivory on Insta)
Changing Pad Cover – Pottery Barn Kids
Chair/Glider – Wayfair
Faux Fur Pillow – Amazon
Dresser/Changing Table – Purchased in 2013 from Salvation Army for $70, painted Benjamin Moore White Dove in Semi-Gloss Finish
Diaper Crate – Home Goods
Toy Crate – Home Goods
Blanket Ladder – Made locally
Striped Curtains – Tuesday Morning
Faux Sheepskin Rug – Home Goods


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  • Trish March 10, 2016 at 5:03 am

    I love everything about this. Hope you are cuddling that sweet baby boy now. Si’s room is tiny too. I like it though…sorta cozy. OK, I won’t bug you but I will look forward to pics when the time is right. Lots of love!

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